The curriculum at SV PUBLIC SCHOOL is based on CBSE, one of the leading educational boards in India. In our quest for excellence, the school follows an indigenously designed curriculum taking into account all aspects of holistic development enabling students to acquire proficiency in various fields. The inquiry based curricula promotes cognitive flexibility, adaptability and emotional wellness. Integrating the latest trends in technology keeps the students acquainted with changing global trends. Curriculum delivery is done through dynamic strategies like project work, experiential learning, peer learning, skill development enabling students to achieve their goals.

The students are encouraged to think, question and create. The experiential and project-based approach allows each child to discover their potential. SVPS aims to create value-based enriched learning environment where in the students consistently strive for excellence


We are having weekly tests to keep the students attentive and alert academically. This is a way to know about the concept clarity level of the class, which helps the teacher to take remedial steps for the betterment of the students.


Notebook assesment helps in making the students more responsible about maintaining their notebooks


These activities helps the class the understand the concept in a comfortable and easy way.