Classes I to XII

The scholastic session is divided into two terms. Each term ends with an examination. Marks obtained are recorded in the Result Card. Parents are expected to personally collect the Result Card of their wards on the Result Declaration Day.

Mid Term

Duration: April to September

Exams: September

Final Term

Duration: October to February

Exams: March

1. Apart from the Term Examinations two more periodic tests will be held for the purpose of gradient learning of these tests one will be pre-mid term in July and the other post midterm in January with a portion of the syllabus cumulatively covered. The gradually increasing syllabus will prepare the students for appearing in the Final Examinations with 100% syllabus. The school will take the average of the best two tests for final marks submission. Classes I to IV will follow the same examination schedule but the syllabus will be defined by the school.

2. Notebook submission would be a part of internal assessment. This would address the critical aspect of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.

3. Subject Enrichment Activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development of specific subjects will be recorded internally.